Welcome to JamBuster Support

JamBuster lives by the very digital transformation we preach!

Thus, our entire interactions with you is offered through JamBuster's CustomEX™. So now, you can get in touch with us any time. JamBuster Support is available at two levels: Standard & Premium.

Standard Support: Basic complimentary CustomEX™ web based support cloud bundled with purchase of a JamBuster product.

When you buy a JamBuster product, we provide you with CustomEX™ Support logins. Please use that login.

Premier Support: Dedicated support plan, recommended for enterprise customers.

On top of standard support, the premium support includes:

  • Dedicated support representative
  • Training - Use & Expertise

CustomEX™: Try It Reources

If you are using CustomEX™ first time, as an customer of JamBuster or as potential customer, you are looking try it out, we have following resources that describe.

Product Tour


CustomEX™ is a trademark of JamBuster Technologies Pvt Ltd. JamBuster® is a registered trademark of JamBuster Technologies Pvt Ltd in US & India.